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American fashion can be seen throughout Newcastle, perhaps as a result of the large number of students in the city. Urban outfitters and Levi’s are just two of the worldwide American brands that can be found in Newcastle; both being very successful at drawing in large amounts of consumers. However, there are also smaller, less well-known shops that show the influence of America in contemporary Tyneside. One of these shops is Flip, an American vintage shop that has been running since 1978.

America has influenced sport in Newcastle. In 2011, the Newton Aycliffe Spartans Baseball team was formed. In turn, this has affected the fashion of the city. Baseball sweatshirts have become increasingly popular over the past couple of years, and Flip has catered to this by selling a wide variety of this style sweatshirt. In addition to the rise in popularity of sweatshirts, the flamboyant style Hawaiian are making a comeback in the Newcastle nightlife, and these can also be found at the vintage shop.

Flip also draws from musical influences as well as fashion. The owner, John Woods, used to be a drummer in the band ‘Vinegar Joe’ in the 1970’s. His personal interest in music may be the reason for this link between the two. American influence on Newcastle could, therefore, be a result of John Wood and people like him bringing their experiences back to the city.

The wide range of products available sold in Flip illustrates just how much America has influenced the fashion of contemporary Tyneside today.


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