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Love them or hate them, reality TV shows are now a huge part of modern popular culture. The UK has embraced this form of mindless reality television within the past several years. The US gave us Laguna Beach, The Hills and The Simple Life, and so I guess we have them to thank for shows like The Real Housewives of Cheshire, The Only Way is Essex and Made in Chelsea – cheers, America! Although Britain is fairly late to the game in this brand of TV, we could certainly give the States a run for their money if the goal is to satisfy guilty pleasures.
MTV’s Jersey Shore first came to our screens in 2009 and ran until December 2012. The show is a quintessential example of American ‘reality’ television: it follows the highly dramatised lives of eight twentysomethings sharing a house in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. Just two years later in 2011, we were treated to our very own British spin-off in the form of MTV’s Geordie Shore. Essentially the only differences between the two is the location and the accent. The rest is pretty much the same – even down to the false tan. To someone who has never seen either shows, I’d encourage you to imagine a soap opera where all of the characters are intoxicated. Ask anyone on Tyneside about the show, and I’d say that the majority will roll their eyes. Although I myself am not from Newcastle (Sunderland native here), I can guarantee that watching Geordie Shore will not give you an accurate picture of the average Newcastle local, just as I imagine that watching Jersey Shore will give you a very skewed depiction of a true Jerseyite.

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